The town

The village of El Cuyo has a population size of about 2000. This number increases on Sundays – when the locals from the surrounding towns head for the beach, and during Mexican holiday periods (Easter week and the first week of August) – when almost every house is rented out to tourists. The rest of the year is much more peaceful, and the beach empty except for kitesurfers and those looking for a more chilled out holiday experience.

The town itself is a safe and friendly place, where everyone knows one another and tourists are welcomed. There’s some beautiful wall art to be seen, and the working lighthouse stands in the town’s centre and is built on Maya ruins. You get a great view from the middle level (open to the public) so it’s worth the climb!


  • gas station (does not accept credit/debit cards)
  • church
  • pharmacy (selling basic pharmaceutical products and a small selection of feminine hygiene products – please note that after-sun is not always in stock!)
  • several small grocery shops
  • beer shops (no wine or liquor)
  • a small shop that also sells a limited selection of cheese and chorizo from the region
  • several tortilla shops
  • fruit & vegetable shop (plus the women from the surrounding villages set up stall outside the Tiburon restaurant on the main street – they sell their organic home grown fruit and vegetables from 7am-ish)
  • restaurants, private catering & cafe, plus loncherias, taqueria, pizzeria & food stalls – for more information on dining options, please see the ‘where to eat’ page
  • 2 bakeries – both open only in the afternoon Mon-Sat (La Reina opens on Sundays)
  • fish shops (or you can buy direct from the fishermen in the port as they return from sea)
  • meat shop (open Mon-Sat mornings only and selling pork, chicken and occasionally beef)
  • laundry service
  • hotels, beach cabañas, posadas and hostels
  • campsite
  • vacation homes to rent
  • occasional evening events put on by La Casa Del Ritmo
  • moto-taxis

If you have any questions regarding these facilities, please use the contact us form


  • There is NO ATM OR BANK, so there is no way to withdraw cash in El Cuyo. The nearest cash point is in Tizimin (90 minutes away by car). Most places in town do not accept cards, so bring enough cash with you for the duration of your stay.
  • There is NO SUPERMARKET. The small shops sell the basics (rice, milk, beans, cereal, beer, coca cola etc), but if for example, you’re partial to good cheese, ground coffee, nice wine or liquor, best to bring it with you!
  • There is LIMITED NETWORK COVERAGE during high season (when the town is filled with tourists). Most of the time, the phone network and internet service is pretty good, but if you need high speed internet, then El Cuyo probably isn’t the place for you.
  • There are NO CLUBS or late night party places (however, the locals really know how to party…so if there’s a festival on, you’ll find someone willing to share a beer until 5 in the morning!)