How to get to El Cuyo by private transfer or taxi

By private transfer:

There aren’t any private transfer companies based in El Cuyo but certain accommodation providers in El Cuyo have transport options that are available to all.

La Casa del Ritmo offers transportation services between Cancun Airport and El Cuyo. Contact them with 2 days notice, via WhatsApp +521 984 1065183 or by email at

Casa Iguana also offers transportation to Cancun- El Cuyo. For reservations, call Juan at +521 9981086215 or email Juan has a minibus for large groups and a Honda Civic for 2 people.

Of the transfer firms that are not based in El Cuyo, Holboxha from Holbox¬† have been used on several occasions and get good reviews for both transfers and sightseeing trips. You can find them on facebook. A transfer for 4 people from Cancun airport costs approximately 3000$ depending on time of year (and you will also be able to negotiate a shopping trip on the way if you’d like to stock up on supplies you’re not able to find here – like wine and ground coffee).

By taxi:

Airport taxis have to pay a large fee to be able to collect from the airport and therefore they pass this cost along to their customers. Getting a taxi on the spot from the airport can cost you as much as an organised private transfer.

To reduce the costs, you can go into the city and get a standard Cancun taxi. They are not permitted to collect from Cancun airport so take the ADO bus to Cancun bus station and from there you can pick up a normal taxi (cross the road from the ADO station as you’ll also pay more for the taxis that wait outside the station). A standard taxi should cost approximately 1600$ for 4 people – but be choosy when you pick your taxi as lots have no AC and aren’t very comfortable!

All taxis have a dedicated number and are registered with the Syndicat. It’s always worth taking note of this number before you get in, just in case you have a complaint (the syndicat has the power to ban the taxi driver from working). The number is painted on the door and the trunk.

Other options:

Check with your accommodation provider as sometimes they may have methods to collect you. Also, you can try posting in the facebook group ‘Everything El Cuyo‘ and seeing if any locals are able to offer pick ups. Good luck!

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