Cancun airport to El Cuyo by bus

The journey by bus from Cancun airport to El Cuyo is in three stages:
  1. Cancun airport to Cancun ADO bus station
  2. Cancun ADO bus station to Colonia Yucatan
  3. Colonia Yucatan to El Cuyo
  • Remember that the time in Cancun in the winter months is 1 hour behind Yucatan (Colonia Yucatan and El Cuyo are in Yucatan – 6am in El Cuyo is 5am in Cancun). You get 1 extra hour when travelling to El Cuyo, and you lose it travelling back to Cancun.
  • WINTER DAYLIGHT SAVING – 27th October 2019 to April 5th 2020.
  • You need to leave Cancun airport by 14:45 to get the bus all the way (which will cost you around $250 total).
  • If you land into Cancun by 17:15, you can possibly get the 18:15 shuttle into Cancun and the 18:50 to Colonia Yucatan. There may be taxis at the sitio taxis so you can get a taxi to El Cuyo (approximately $200). The taxis are not guaranteed, so try get your accommodation to book you one.

Stage 1 – Cancun Airport to Cancun ADO Bus Station:

  • The ADO bus stops are directly outside the airport and easy to find (look for ADO signs). You can buy tickets online if you want, but buses are frequent and you rarely have to wait long. There are places to buy tickets inside and outside the airport. I recommend you wait and buy your ticket on arrival – just make sure you have pesos as the ATM at the airport is unreliable.
  • ADO do 2 buses from the airport: to Playa del Carmen OR to Cancun – make sure you get the bus to Cancun. Tickets are $94 pesos and leave approximately every 30 minutes between 8am and midnight. After midnight there are some buses but the service is very limited. 
  • It usually takes between 30 & 45 minutes to get to the central Cancun ADO bus station.
  • When you get off the bus, go into the terminal to buy your next bus ticket.

Stage 2 – Cancun ADO Bus Station to Colonia Yucatan (direction Tizimin):

The buses go at: 03:30, 06:00, 09:00, 10:30, 12:30, 13:00, 14:30, 15:30, 16:50, 18:50.
  • There are two bus companies (Mayab and Noreste) that stop at Colonia Yucatan with final destination Tizimin. Mayab and Noreste are the two ticket windows on your left as you enter the terminal.
  • Make 100% sure your ticket is for Colonia Yucatan – it costs approximately $130 dependent on the type of bus.
  • Colonia Yucatan is 2.5-3 hours into the journey, traffic dependent. Get off in Colonia at the main stop in the centre of town, opposite the Neveria Basulto, and near the taxi station.

Stage 3 – Colonia Yucatan to El Cuyo:

  • The bus to El Cuyo stops in Colonia Yucatan at the same place you get off the Cancun bus (opposite the Neveria Basulto)
  • Buses to El Cuyo take approximately 45 minutes
  • If you arrive at Colonia and you’ve missed the last bus (18:30), there may be taxis available at the ‘Sitio de taxis’ in front of the bus stop. A one-way ride to El Cuyo costs approximately 200$.

There are big Noreste buses ($35-45) or small minivans ($40). Pay the driver direct.


Noreste buses are more reliable than the minivans
06:15 – Noreste
07:45 – Noreste
09:45 – Noreste
11:15 – Noreste
11:15 – Minivan
12:45 – Noreste
12:45 – Minivan
14:15 – Noreste
14:15 – Minivan
15:45 – Minivan
17:15 – Noreste
17:15 – Minivan
18:30 – Noreste
18:30 – Minivan

A point of note regarding safety and clothing:


Bags will go underneath so keep money, passport, phone, etc on your person and try to sit above where you put your bag, so you can watch when people get off. Bus travel is generally safe, the buses are usually full of trustworthy locals, but it’s always best to be as safe as possible. You’ll be of interest to people as you’re getting on the standard ‘chicken-bus’ and not many tourists head in this direction, but everyone will generally be very nice and helpful (the women especially!).


The bus might or might not have AC. If it has AC it’ll be too cold, and if there’s no AC, you’ll be boiling…so have a sarong or something you can cover up with, but wear something cool so you don’t overheat.

The return trip

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