El Cuyo to Cancun by Bus

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How do I get from El Cuyo to Cancun by public transport?” is probably the most frequent question elcuyo.net is contacted about, so we figured it was time to dedicate a post to the subject.

Scroll down to find all the information you’ll need to get the bus from El Cuyo to Cancun, with timetables and prices included. *(Please note this is up to date as of 12th December 2019)

The journey by bus from El Cuyo to Cancun is in two stages:  

  1. El Cuyo to Colonia Yucatan
  2. Colonia Yucatan to Cancun ADO bus station

Stage 1 – El Cuyo to Colonia Yucatan

The house where the bus stops

Buses for Colonia Yucatan (final destination Tizimin) leave from the corner of the centre square in El Cuyo. There is no sign for the bus stop – see photo above to check you’re in the right place. The buses will usually stop wherever you flag them down though, so even if they’ve gone past the stop, try to get their attention and they’ll hopefully stop for you!

Noreste buses go at: 05:10, 07:15, 08:45, 10:30, 13:30, 15:30

Minivans go at: 07:30, 09:00, 10:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:00, 16:30, 18:00 – please note that the minivans wait until they have 9 people to run and therefore occasionally do not run or are delayed.

There are some additional buses that run, but we’ve only included those that run every single day.

Tell the driver when you get on that you’re going to Colonia Yucatan, so he’ll know to stop. Buses cost $40 and you pay the driver direct either when you get on or off.

These buses take approximately 45 minutes to arrive in Colonia Yucatan.

Stage 2 – Colonia Yucatan to Cancun ADO Bus Station:

The buses pick up and drop off from outside the Neveria Basulto shop just across from the park. It doesn’t look much like a bus stop, but there are chairs outside for people waiting (and an outdated timetable painted on the wall!).

Buses leave from Colonia Yucatan to Cancun at 04:15, 06:00, 06:30, 10:30, 13:00, 16:45, 19:30 (note that you’ll need to get a taxi from El Cuyo if you’re wanting to get the 04:15 bus ).

It costs approximately $130 dependent on the type of bus (1st or 2nd class) and you can buy your ticket direct from the driver or better still, buy in advance from the Neveria Basulto shop.

Allow 3 hours for your Colonia-Cancun bus.

A point of note regarding safety and clothing:


Bags will go underneath so keep money, passport, phone, etc on your person and try to sit above where you put your bag, so you can watch when people get off. Bus travel is generally safe, the buses are usually full of trustworthy locals, but it’s always best to be as safe as possible. You’ll be of interest to people as you’re getting on the standard ‘chicken-bus’ and not many tourists head in this direction, but everyone will generally be very nice and helpful (the women especially!).  


The bus might or might not have AC. If it has AC it’ll be too cold, and if there’s no AC, you’ll be boiling…so have a sarong or something you can cover up with, but wear something cool so you don’t overheat.    

Onward Travel:


Shuttles take approximately 30 to 45 minutes depending on the terminal you’re going to.

You can check the ADO page for up to date shuttles timetables, prices ($94 as of 12/12/19) to the airport. On busy holiday days, the road to the airport gets very busy so it’s always best to allow additional time. Remember you lose an hour with the time differences in winter (November – April).

You can buy tickets online if you want, but buses are frequent and you rarely have to wait long. The ADO shuttle to the airport has it’s own dedicated ticket desk and waiting room within the bus station – just look for ‘aeropuerto’ signs.

Playa Express buses lined up across from the ADO bus station in Cancun


Leave the ADO bus station by the main doors and cross the street and go to your right slightly. You’ll find the Playa Express mini-buses based here (there’s usually one or two waiting to load). They leave every 10 to 30 minutes and take between an hour and an hour and a half to arrive in Playa traffic dependent. It costs $30-$45 and they run until 4am. (For a 24 hour service there are Colectivos that run from the side of Mega Supermarket, similar cost and duration, but a slightly different route, and less comfortable).

If travelling the Playa del Carmen, the last stop is the Playa Express base on Calle 2 con Av 25.

Be sure to advise them if you’re getting off at Puerto Morelos. Note that the stop for Puerto Morelos is in the junction between the town and the road to the beach resort. You’ll likely need to get a taxi to wherever you’re going. There is a taxi base on the opposite side of the bridge that operates in the daytime.


Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos are the only destinations where we’d recommend going via Cancun. For Holbox there are more direct routes, and for Tulum, Bacalar etc, it’s recommended to go via Valladolid.

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  1. do the minivans also go to Tizimin?

    1. Hi Arnie, yes they do. All mini vans and Noreste buses leaving El Cuyo go direct to Tizimin.
      Hope this helps 🙂

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