Day tripping from El Cuyo

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So you made it to El Cuyo and have spent a few days in total chill-out mode, but now you fancy getting out for the day!

There are a number of places to visit that are relatively close by and if you have your own transport, they are easily accessible (Las Coloradas along the sand track being the only place that it’s not advisable to attempt, depending on the car you’re driving). Please refer to the what to do page for ideas, and in the months to come, I’ll be writing blogs with tips and tricks about all these lovely places!

If you’ve not got your own car, things can be slightly trickier…but there are still several options.

Within El Cuyo there are a number of locals who offer both boat and car tours to the nearby attractions. Luis on the main square offers various boat tours and there are numerous signs around town with details of car tours on offer. Nuscaa Experiences also runs a variety of different day trips and two or three day adventures further afield (useful if you’re wanting to visit ‘hard to reach’ places on the way to your next destination).

However, if you’re in no rush and you want to experience more of authentic Mexico, there’s nothing better than travelling like a local and taking the bus to Tizimin…plus if you’re running short of cash, or fancy a good bottle of wine, Tizimin is the nearest place with banks, ATMs and a decent supermarket.

Tizimin, by and large, is a working town and not a tourist attraction. It doesn’t have the picturesque colonial streets of Valladolid, nor the glut of cenotes – however, there are a few things to do and see here. There’s a very traditional food market a short walk from the bus terminals, plus a main square with a massive church, a band stand and Yucataca love seats. There’s not much in the way of souvenir shopping or arts and crafts, but there are usually stalls near the main square (or in the Benito Juarez square at the back of the church) where you can buy traditional Yucatan sweets and desserts.

From El Cuyo there are two types of transportation; the Noreste buses holding approximately 30 people, and the small minivans for 12.

Both cost 70$ per person and you pay direct to the driver when you get on or off.

Both have air conditioning, but the large buses are more comfortable and are much more reliable (in terms of their running time) than the minivans. The minivans will wait until they have 9 people on board, and therefore even though there is a timetable and an expected departure time, they rarely leave at this time (with the exception of the first and the last bus).

The bus stop from El Cuyo is not signposted but you need to wait at the building on the corner in the centre, opposite the Posada del Faro – see picture below.

Bus times

Noreste buses:

07:30, 08:45, 10:30, 13:30, 15:30

Minivans: (please note these wait until they have 9 people to run and therefore occasionally do not run)

07:30, 09:00, 10:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:00, 16:30, 18:00

The journey takes just over an hour to Tizimin and if you’re planning on taking the minivan back, get the driver to point out the pick up point as it’s sometimes a little different from where they drop off. One important point to note – the last bus back leaves at 6pm.  (For other times, please refer to the how to get to El Cuyo by public transport page‘). If you miss the 6pm bus, a taxi for 4 will cost in the region of 450$.

Hope this is of use to you! Happy day tripping! x

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  1. Cómo llegar de Playa del Carmen al Cuyo ?
    Que tan difícil es poder adquirir un terreno pequeño frente al mar ?

    1. Hola, puede ver como llegar desde Playa en la pagina ‘how to get here’. Y lo siento mucho pero no metemos en las ventas de terrenos…

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