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This question has come up a few times recently, so I felt it’d be useful to put together a little blog post with this information!

Getting around El Cuyo is fairly easy on foot – the town stretches east to west alongside the beach and is approximately 2.5km long. From north to south, between the sea and the lagoon at the widest point, the island is less than 1km wide.

However, if you want to explore every backstreet you might want a speedier option. Please be aware that there are LOTS of little backstreets that all look similar and it’s like a maze – but as it’s an island at least you know you’re never going to wander too far before you hit water! With this in mind, you might decide that hiring bicycles or a quad bike is a good idea.

The lovely @emily_firefly from Naia cafe, modelling a bike


can be hired from Naia Café (they only have 2 though, so get your reservation in fast!) and cost 100$ for the day. You can contact them on facebook.


can be hired from Don Jorge for 200$ per hour. Don Jorge lives on the corner of the main square, facing the yellow house and the house with the turtle wall art.


is another option! If you fancy travelling like the locals and you just want to get from A to B (for example if you arrive by public transport and need to get to your accommodation and you don’t fancy carrying you suitcases for 2km) – you can take a moto taxi. This is an experience in itself! It’s a motorbike with a seating area attached to the front with benches…

La Iguana moto-taxi is run by Tacho, and prices to just about anywhere in town costs 10$ per person. He is contactable by whatsapp on + (521) 986 113 7929 or on + (521) 986 118 5016. He doesn’t speak English so if you’re needing a pick up and don’t speak Spanish I recommend you use the following template!

      • Hola! Necesitamos un taxi

    insert the date and time/ahora (now)

      • Somos

    insert number of people 

      • Estamos

    insert where you want collecting from

      • y queremos ir hasta

    insert destination

    • Es posible? Puedes contestar a este numero por favour? Muchas gracias.


Please note that there are a lot of vacation rental houses here and as there’s no real roads or very precise addresses, it’s worthwhile having a picture ready on your phone of where you’re going.

That’s it for today! Let me know if this is of use and if there’s anything more I can help with!

Cathy x

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  1. It is worth to walk around so you see and smell much more than by driving.
    If you have a usual rental car you should be careful at the smaler roads because in some are really deep and big holes. Better not driving at darkness and even on daytime not all the time second gear 🙂

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